Pygmy Pines Plains

Here’s a blast from the past from the world famous Pygmy Pines Plains, I love the desolation of this area. Physiologist tell that vast UN-interrupted landscape stop one from being in depression. Maybe this is why I love this place so much. If you study these photos you will see there is lots of diversity in the Pinelands.

Pygmy Pines Plains
The Pygmy Pines Plains home of the Jersey Devil
Pygmy Pines Plains
Pygmy Pines Plains
Pygmy Pines Plains
Pygmy Pines Plains
Pygmy Pines Plains

Cedar Swamp Photo Shoot

Cedar Swamp Photo Shoot

Looking Up at Cedars
Reflections in the Bog

Green moss carpet

Cedar Swamp provides a large and important wildlife habitat in an increasingly urbanized area. State-listed rare species occur in the area, as well as the uncommon Atlantic White Cedar swamp for which the area is named.
A swamp of cedar. Choked with oil of cedar
And scurf of plants, and weary and over-heated,
And sorry I ever left the road I knew,
I paused and rested on a sort of hook
That had me by the coat as good as seated,
And since there was no other way to look,
Looked up toward heaven, and there against the blue,

Wharton Forest Photographs

This is photographs from my hike along Glossy Sprung Road in the Wharton Forest, Pinelands of New Jersey.Mushroom on a tree


The forest shows it’s interconnections to all things. The trees have a relationship with mushrooms Mosses and many other fungi all helping each other. That is just what we see above ground. There is a whole another world below ground.

Hiking Franklin Parker Preserve- Pinelands Fine Art

Franklin Parker Preserve Photos


Not been up to snuff, I’m working on some health issues, but I did manage to get out to one of my favorite places. I was hoping for some eagle sightings but it looks like the were not around. 

I did a hike on the yellow trail and decided to listen to mother natures call and make some Pine Lands Fine Art photography. #optoutside

Here’s a short video a short video which I enjoyed making. I will probably make more videos. afternoon at Franklin parker preserve
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