Pine Lands Vista

Shane Branch in the Pinelands

Wandering the Pine Lands aka Pine Barrens, I was called to this location again. I saw this river, I think it is the Shane Branch.

Within the Pine Barrens there are four major river systems. Each of these river systems drain an area of land known as watersheds. This includes stormwater runoff from natural areas as well as developed areas. Runoff from developed areas not only contains various contaminants, but results in higher than normal flows in streams and tributaries.

Sunset at Chadsworth Lake Pinelands

Peaceful lake Chadworth at Sunset in the Pines

Peaceful lake Chadworth at Sunset in the Pines

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This shot was taken at sunset at Chadsworth Lake in 2015 with my old Nikon gear, I have since switched to Olympus M4/3 for all the benefits that mirror less bring to digital photography.

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Controlled Burn – Pine lands Style

Another bog
Majestic Cedar trees photo
Majestic Cedar trees
Photo of a cedar bridge
Bridge to the other side of nowhere
Photo of a Bog
View across the bog
Photo of a Batona Trail Marker
Batona Trail Marker
Photo of Beaver engineering
Beavers doing there thing.
Photo 38.5 Mile marker Batona Trail
38.5 Mile marker Batona Trail
Photo of a Stream in Pine Lands
Stream View

I was lucky enough to be Chatsworth Lake, NJ for the out of control burn by the NJ Forest Service.
I got lots of photographs of the damage the burn does which are on Louis Dallara Photography Site

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