Reeves Bog Pinelands

3 years ago ldallara 0
Some more fine art photography in the Pine lands Another day hiking the pine lands bogs in search of the Tundra Swans, and looking for that special swan called T207, she is out there. #landscape #pinebarrens #pinelands #photography Please visit Louis Dallara Photography site Read More

Franklin Parker Preserve Aerial Photo

3 years ago ldallara 0
I went flying today, great day, you have to love no wind. Franklin Parker near the gate on Chatsworth road. #pinelands #landscape I love this place, it’s got lots of interesting landscape if you can find it. Here’s a link to my other Pinelands photos. pinelands photographs for sale Read More

Reeves Bog

3 years ago ldallara 0
My Photography of a great new to me landscape location yesterday. There are photographs for sale on Fine Art America. Read More