Out for Wild friendship

Afternoo pindlands photo at Freindship

This photograph coming from a scouting mission in the pine lands with my son. the trek also included a test drive of hos truck which is designed to do off road exploration. I love this location and I promise more photos and details form this location in the Pine barrens of New Jersey.

Silence is Golden in the Pine Barrens

Sunset at Friendship New Jersey
Blue Sky
Pine Barrens in Winter

I love the silent that overcomes you as you stand waiting for the golden hour. I wonder if your cane can feel it looking at these images?

I re-visited this place that has no name, it’s near friendship in the Pine lands of New Jersey. It’s just down the road apiece, lol.

I hope to get my GPS in camera workings again. I have just bought an old Garmin to get used to so when I go deep, I don’t get lost, but getting lost has benefits of getting great images.

I hope to meetup with you all in the barrens some day.

Peace out. Piney Lou