Pygmy Pines Plains

Pygmy Pines Plains Photo

Pygmy Pines Plains

The central region of the Pine Barrens contains several areas of pine and oak forest that resemble the surrounding forests with one major exception: from a standing position, one can gaze over the top of the tree canopy. The Pine Barren Plains, known locally as the Pygmy Forest, contains trees that may attain a height of only about four feet at maturity. New Jersey contains the world’s largest acreage of this globally rare forest community, which can be seen within portions of Warren Grove Recreation Area. Many researchers believe that this unique stunted forest ecosystem is partly the result of the fire ecology of the Pinelands.Pygmy Pines Plains Photo

Pine land Pygmy Plains Photography

Caro on a dirt road in Pinlands

Car on a dirt road in Pinlands

Give me altitude

Clouds and Pine trees Black and White Clouds

Some times you have to go down that road less traveled. I wanted to create some fine art photographs of the Pygmy Pine Plains and it’s taken me a long time. After surviving some health issues and failed drone hardware I finally scraped enough money to get a drone and started bay doing aerial photography again. I will continue to practice my aerial work.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

Some of mt aerial work on Louis dallara photography

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