Sunset at Chadsworth Lake Pinelands

Peaceful lake Chadworth at Sunset in the Pines

Peaceful lake Chadworth at Sunset in the Pines

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This shot was taken at sunset at Chadsworth Lake in 2015 with my old Nikon gear, I have since switched to Olympus M4/3 for all the benefits that mirror less bring to digital photography.

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Controlled Burn – Pine lands Style

Another bog
Majestic Cedar trees photo
Majestic Cedar trees
Photo of a cedar bridge
Bridge to the other side of nowhere
Photo of a Bog
View across the bog
Photo of a Batona Trail Marker
Batona Trail Marker
Photo of Beaver engineering
Beavers doing there thing.
Photo 38.5 Mile marker Batona Trail
38.5 Mile marker Batona Trail
Photo of a Stream in Pine Lands
Stream View

I was lucky enough to be Chatsworth Lake, NJ for the out of control burn by the NJ Forest Service.
I got lots of photographs of the damage the burn does which are on Louis Dallara Photography Site

My Prints of the Pine Lands AKA Pine Barrens are available at