Pine Lands Vista

Wandering the Pine Lands aka Pine Barrens, I was called to this location again. I saw this river, I think it is the Shane Branch.

Within the Pine Barrens there are four major river systems. Each of these river systems drain an area of land known as watersheds. This includes stormwater runoff from natural areas as well as developed areas. Runoff from developed areas not only contains various contaminants, but results in higher than normal flows in streams and tributaries.

Franklin Parker Preserve – Aerial Photo

I love hiking and forest bathing in Franklin Parker Preserve. It is the road less traveled to quote some unknown author.
This shot was taken of the west branch of a branch of the Wading river in late afternoon.
This location is a great place to meditate because of the silence that can be found there.
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Batsto Village

Batsto New Jersey

A Visit to Batsto Village


Batsto Village is a historic unincorporated community located on CR 542 within Washington Township in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States. It is located in Wharton State Forest in the south central Pine Barrens, and a part of the Pinelands National Reserve. Wikipedia

Located deep in the Pine Lands of New Jersey Batsto Village is unique in it’s appearance and a great place to visit.
batsto history


Prints of the Pinelands

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